October 12, 2018

Matt & Amy Dixon

Amy writes: “I was preparing to head out for an evening walk with Finley and Matilda. We were taking their bikes and just getting things ready when I was increasingly aware of a cry that was getting desperately louder under the Flame tree by our gate. Their Finley lay in a heap. He slowly stood up and, in distress, with colour draining from his face, he presented his right hand, which was flopping at an awkward angle… Matt and I headed off to get x-rays – a small miracle at that time on a Sunday. The x-ray confirmed a broken wrist… After our consultation [the next day] we drove to yet another hospital, where we were admitted and waited a several more hours to be joined by the doctor. Fin left us for theatre around 8pm, and was back with us by 9:30pm, his right arm in a large bandage… [The day after] Fin had more x-rays and then he was happily discharged a few hours later. Fin is making good progress… Matt and I found this experience both emotionally and mentally tiring. We are thankful for God’s amazing grace and to strengthen and sustain us in our weakness and the prayers and support of friends and family.” Praise God for how he sustained the family through this situation, and please pray for quick healing for Fin’s wrist.

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