October 27, 2017

Matt & Amy Dixon

 Amy writes: “It was great to get back to our home and find it and our faithful staff all in good order. It was fun for the children to rediscover their rooms and belongings and get used to getting sweaty and dirty playing in the garden. The following day [after arriving back] Matt headed to Sanga Sanga to greet folks and to see what has been happening over the six months that we’ve been in UK. The campsite now has fantastic shower blocks, which were a necessary addition after the building of the campsite bandas last year. Both the bandas last year, and the shower facilities, were built with the help of two work teams from Corsham Baptist Church. Another team from UK, an Oak Hall discovering mission team, helped to paint the outside of the conference building. The Conference Building now has a permanent internal staircase. Asian-style toilets have been plumbed in the downstairs bathroom. Terrazzo flooring has been put down in a few locations including the large upstairs meeting room and the first windows are being installed in one of the upstairs offices. There is still much work needed to complete the conference building, but funds are presently very limited and continued funding for the project is a matter for ongoing prayer.”

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