February 10, 2017

Mat & Katy Linley

People are very worried that there has been no proper rain yet. Although the land around Mandritsara has turned slightly green, there has not been enough rain to plant crops. For most people, water is in short supply and involves either digging holes into the dry river-bed to scoop out filthy water or buying water by the jerry can from pumps which run erratically, often only during the night. Our colleagues are often tired from having to collect water at night. Each employee is allowed to collect two jerry cans of water each day from the hospital borehole which provides some relief. However, a short circuit last week caused a fire destroying the borehole control panel. Please pray for Sarindra, head of our Maintenance department, as he seeks a solution. Normally by this time maize, peanuts and rice would have been planted. Even if it does rain now, it is too late to plant maize but there is still time to plant rice. If the harvest is not good, there will be implications on all aspects of life. People are fearful of crime rates rising, students not being able to attend school, sick people not coming to the hospital when necessary. The lack of rain is a problem over much of Madagascar, although the drought-ridden south has now had flooding.” Please pray for rain for Madagascar, and that those working in the hospital would still be able to serve well despite the difficulties with getting water.

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