September 13, 2019

Martin & Joy Koch

“A large ‘Lorora’ has been built at Lchakwai with about 70 houses. A ‘Lorora’ is a number of houses enclosed by a thorn fence. Traditional ceremonies take place there. This time the mothers of the boys who will be circumcised have built houses in the Lorora. More than 100 boys will be circumcised in the large Lorora at Lchakwai. The boys and their mothers will probably remain in the Lorora for several months, possibly until the end of this year. There are a few smaller Lororas in this area. Some extended families have built their own small Lorora. Some of the boys in these smaller Lororas have already been circumcised. I just learned that the circumcision of the boys in the big Lorora will take place this Thursday evening and Friday morning. Two boys, who are baptized Christians and attend school, will soon be circumcised in that large Lorora. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them discernment as to what traditions they can participate in, and to those traditions that would not be pleasing to Jesus.”

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