July 27, 2018

Martin & Joy Koch

“[In May] we were planning to take Pastor Nicholas Lekorere from Maralal to Lchakwai so that he could speak with [some] women interested in baptism… There were 17 women at that first meeting and one Samburu man. On our way back to Lchakwai on Friday, Martin stopped at one home and invited the man of the home to join us for that meeting. He responded positively and was actually the first person to come for the meeting. He waited around for the women to arrive so the meeting could begin and stayed through the whole time… In Africa Inland Church churches, baptism candidates attend classes where the 18 lessons of the catechism are taught. We decided to continue to have Saturday morning meetings and to work through the lessons in the catechism… The next two Saturdays in May we met again in our living room. The same man participated in all three meetings. The number of women attending increased, though many women attended only two of those three meetings… Pray that all will understand what is being taught and will respond in faith to the Word. And don’t forget to praise God for how he has been working! Praise him particularly for the one Samburu man who seems intent on knowing God’s ways.”

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