April 17, 2015

Marsali Campbell

“At Dwelling Places we often try to rescue as many children as possible at the beginning of the year, it helps us in so many ways, especially in the health work. Once we do all our head-toe assessments, and treat internal ‘unwelcome visitors’ too, we take the kids for eye check-ups, dental, and HIV testings. Some children we recognise have special needs, possible learning difficulties, possible post abuse, trauma, requiring specialised services such as mental health assessments, education special needs, hearing/speech therapies. One new boy also had a significantly distended abdomen who we found out has major organ problems including heart, liver, spleen – we continue to assess what the best way forward is for him. And we also have a variety of emergencies such as one of our Youth hit at speed by a motorbike and sustained multiple fractures to her femur (connecting hip to knee), and required emergency surgery. Keeps us on our toes!!! Or should I say on our knees in prayer?”

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