August 10, 2018

Marsali Campbell

Marsali has recently returned to ministry in Uganda with Dwelling Places (DP), a rehabilitation project for street children. She writes “DP has a growing component in Karamoja, in the NE of Uganda, especially in Napak District where we estimate approx. 80% of children on the streets are originating from, some alone, some with family members, some are trafficked for exploitation. DP has been pioneering in the area of prevention of migration to the streets, and focused on an extremely under-developed area called Lomaratoit where we now support their Primary School, and working with the local community, Elders, Leaders and Gov. officials for the area. The advocacy component is a great encouragement, and led by our wonderful Social Worker Opus Stanley – I know he would greatly value prayer for this important area of ministry, in amongst very challenging situations and needs.”

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