April 27, 2018

Marsali Campbell

“So what have these past months been like? Honestly some days my thankfulness to God for this time has been gushing and overflowing. However other days have not been so bright, and I’ve struggled with patience and trusting in God’s plans and timings. But the last couple of months I am much more settled, and a real answer to prayer to have the assignment confirmed and flights booked to return to Uganda Wed 23rd May have helped me see the next steps ahead. So what are the next steps and why am I returning to Uganda? When I took time after the Masters, for a retreat, I walked along the beautiful Bournemouth coast asking God if He wanted me to go to somewhere new – South East Asia, Middle East, South America, back to Scotland, a different African country, etc. I can only say I am wholly convinced I am meant to continue working with children on the streets in Sub Saharan Africa – continuing working with Dwelling Places allows me to explore and hopefully develop new ways that we can reach Street Connected Children (SCC). I will continue to be involved in supporting, encouraging, mentoring the DP nurses Mariam and Samuel, and the Counselling Team, and the Child Protection Team. And DP are keen for me to assist with developing the health work in Karamoja, as part of our community development there, with the aim and focus being to help prevent the migration and trafficking of children from that region to the streets. However we recognise that DP in Kampala are only able to help some children at a time within the rescue/residential component of ministry, though we continue to help and support many hundreds of children post-rehabilitation for those who are resettled back to their families. Therefore I am keen to see how we help more of the children still living on the streets with ‘frontline street health’. I’m not sure what that will exactly look like, but I am keen to start exploring it!”

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