December 1, 2017

Marsali Campbell

“In the last newsletter, I described the year as an amazing opportunity and privilege to study at this level, and at such a prestigious world renowned university. However, I also described the experience as ‘trying to learn Chinese at 100mph’ and ‘plodding through mud’. It was an incredible experience, but also very stressful and exhausting, so it was a great relief to finally hand in my thesis in Sept, and receive the pass mark in Oct…Please continue to pray for the ministry of Dwelling Places [DP], for Rita as the Founder as she moves into new areas of ministry, and yet so faithfully keeps loving, caring for and advocating for children at risk in Uganda and abroad. Pray for Damon and Maureen in DP leadership, they have such sacrificial servant spirits and pray for all the DP team, especially dear Nurse Mariam leading the health work. Pray for John and Krys Cassels, my AIM Unit leaders as they are now on leave until Feb, and Joel Skinner, the AIM Central Region leader, covering Chad, South Sudan, DR Congo, Central Africa Republic, Rwanda and Uganda.”

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