August 26, 2016

Mark and Barbara Pippen

Mark and Barbara are currently in the UK supporting several family members and have had to delay their return to Nairobi. “Life at Tumaini continues very busy, and rather understaffed! This week and next, the centre is running a two week intensive residential counselling programme for missionaries, giving focused teaching on spiritually healthy emotions and relationships, as well as a healing group time to process whatever difficulties those attending have experienced. We have been planning this programme for 8 months, and have been very grateful for the help of the Alongside Counselling Centre in the US, who run such programmes regularly. However, this will be the first time that we have done this at Tumaini, and we believe the first on the African continent! Meanwhile, in the UK, I will be speaking about the work of Tumaini at an AIM Fellowship Conference which is taking place not too far from us in September.”

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