July 28, 2017

Mark & Barbara Phippen

“The Tumaini team has been very busy preparing for and running the two-week Restore intensive counselling programme for missionaries who were struggling to keep going for one reason or another. Roger Brown, a long-standing psychiatrist on the team wrote: ‘Praise God for his work accomplished in the lives of the participants and their families and for His grace in sustaining us through: long days; short nights; lost luggage; flight delay, rerouting & cancellations; the rush of getting the kitchen addition completed; repainting of mongoose stained walls; the mystery huge water leak which required bucket flushing and pitchers for hand washing; monkey invasions; power circuit overloads; various food shortages in the shops; car breakdowns; … yet God enabled us to carry on and work well together, trusting Him even in the midst of those challenges.  What a reminder that it isn’t our work but His and we need to keep our eyes on Him even when Satan wants to discourage or distract us.’ Personally, I [Mark] spend much of my time doing emails and Skype from the UK in support of the Tumaini teams in Nairobi and Kampala, but at times like this I am reminded what it is all for. It is wonderful to see how God uses Tumaini to restore his people who are weary and heavy-laden, and through them to bring the Good News to others in Africa.”

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