November 4, 2016

Mark & Barbara Phippen

Mark & Barbara are currently in the UK on a leave of absence to support their family. “Mark has been able to continue working part-time for Tumaini, and remains the Clinical Team Leader, albeit from a distance. There are certainly tasks that cannot be done from the UK, but some of the administration, budgeting and planning can be done from here. We have gone a long way to clarifying the roles that Mark can fulfil, and those that do need to be done in Nairobi and Kampala. With reasonable internet connections, we are able to not just communicate frequently by email, but to regularly ‘meet’ and talk online. As the circumstances surrounding our family have unfolded, we have become clear that we need to remain based in the UK for the future. So, we are now in discussions with Africa Inland Mission about whether Mark can continue to work for Tumaini from a distance, and how this might work in practice. We hope to be able to formalise this within the next couple of months… Please pray for the Tumaini team and ourselves as we adjust to these changed plans, and for clarity over [Mark’s] continued involvement.”

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