November 16, 2018

Mark & Barbara Phippen

Mark writes: “I want to praise God for an answer to many prayers about being able to keep our Kampala centre open while its sole member of staff will be back in her home country for much of 2019… We desperately need more professional staff still; we are currently turning away about two-thirds of the requests that we receive for help due to insufficient staff – though we always prioritise members of AIM, and are able to see them. And our team member who had to leave a ‘creative-access’ country at short notice is in the process of praying through what their future direction should be. I am currently struggling with setting the budget for 2019 – struggling because we do not have enough money to cover the costs of employing our national staff who run our centres.” Praise God that he has already provided so that the Kampala centre can remain open next year, and please pray that he will provide for the other staffing and financial needs of Tumaini.

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