August 24, 2018

Mark & Barbara Phippen

“In our last blog I let you know that we had a colleague based in [a creative access country] who would be working with us. In the very week that we referred our first mission client to her, she was told by the authorities – quite out of the blue – that she and her family would have to leave the country where they had lived for 5 years. This was in no way linked to her impending work for Tumaini; yet we see the hand of our spiritual enemy. While we are all very disappointed, yet we are confident in God – who is the Master of using apparent defeat for his good purposes! Talking of difficulties, please continue to pray for our little centre in Kampala. With just two professional staff, one is leaving and returning to the US at the end of this month, and the other will be on ‘home assignment’ in Germany for 8 months from this coming December. Despite the counsellors joining us, and the interest being shown, we do not yet have anyone who can staff that centre from the beginning of 2019…pray with us for the ongoing need for professional staff, particularly in our Kampala centre; also for the member of our team, and her family, having to leave her home in [a creative access country] at very short notice.”

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