June 16, 2017

Mari Jenkins

Mari is currently on a three-month short term placement in Kapsowar, Kenya, using her professional skills as a physiotherapist. She writes, “Things have been going well and I’m really enjoying the work. I feel part of the team and have even been given a Kenyan name by those I’m working with! There have, however, been some frustrating times, especially due to language translation when trying to help patients. This area is fairly deprived so there are a number of patients who have never gone to school and therefore did not get the opportunity to learn Kiswahili. So, they only speak their mother tongue of which there are over 40 different ones in Kenya! This makes it hard even for the Kenyans to communicate with one another on times.” Please pray that over these next few weeks the patients who need orthopedic surgery would come and get the right treatment. Pray for patience and help when translation is hard, and that Mari will continue to do her job well and show Christ through it. Finally please pray for more opportunities to have good meaningful conversations with three local student girls she has made friends with and also with ‘Mama Brian’, a young single mother who Mari has met.

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