July 31, 2015

Loots & Nancy Lambrechts

Loots & Nancy Lambrechts return with their children to Rwanda on Sunday. Reflecting on their Home Assignment, they say “Our time in the UK has been such a gift. Spending time with our friends and family in the UK has been a real tonic and as we have had time to reflect we have appreciated how much the last year in Rwanda has stretched us and tested our trust in God. ‘It is only one totally blind who puts himself completely into the hands of God, to be led like a child. So, to raise the service of the Christian above the human level, the Lord is obliged to plunge him into darkness. He then learns to rely on God only.’ This quote sums up much of our experience over the last year, and we are grateful that the Lord has seen fit to plunge us into times of darkness, so that we have had nowhere else to go, other than to put ourselves completely into his hands. We want to thank those who have sat and listened to us and taken a great interest, those who have prayed with us and committed to support our family. We are so very grateful to God for all of you and for your tender and generous partnership in the gospel. Pray that the Lord would prepare our hearts to return to Rwanda, that we would trust him with all of our hearts, that we would submit to him in everything and serve him with all that we have, that there would be nothing on earth that we desire more than him.”

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