January 11, 2019

Loots & Nancy Lambrechts

Loots & Nancy have now finished their service with AIM, after handing over the Preach The Word training course to local leadership and moving to South Africa. In their final prayer letter, about a final visit to Rwanda before finishing serving with AIM they wrote: “Being in Rwanda brought back so many memories of the lives we once lived there… everything felt so familiar, and our love for our family in Rwanda has not diminished. Even though I knew this was the last ‘official’ trip, what I also hoped very deeply was that this will not be the last time I set foot on the red soil and the green hills of this land. We can never ‘really’ say goodbye. My hope is that Rwanda is part of our future, just a different kind of partnership. Please pray for our future partnership with our Rwandan family from South Africa. Pray that the Lord would sustain, strengthen and provide for the future of Preach The Word Training Course and Gospel Community Church.”

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