June 19, 2020


“[Ramadan] was a very strange month, not being ‘oot’ and ‘aboot’ and seeing people in person. I tried to regularly call people but didn’t feel the phone led to much in the way of deep conversations, which was discouraging at times, but it did allow me to tell my friends both old (from my previous island) and new that I was thinking about them… Whilst we are still trying to practice social distancing, we have been able to go out a bit more in the last few weeks. Even though I haven’t resumed sitting with my friends, it’s been lovely to see their smiling faces and hear their laughter once more on my walkabouts, which have been able to happen physically, not just virtually as they have been for the past three weeks… Pray that God would give us opportunities, in our limited times out; that we would make the most of our interactions and see the opportunities he has prepared.”

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