June 5, 2020

Kathleen Quellmalz

“Like everywhere in this world Coronavirus has changed our lives and work. In the beginning, it was still far away but on 17th March it arrived in Tanzania. Two days later all the schools, colleges and universities were closed. We changed to Home Schooling in our homes… Up to now our children enjoy the Home schooling and some even say that they are learning more than at school. The bigger challenge is how to care for those still living on the streets. They are in a much more vulnerable situation. In Dodoma, the children are still allowed to come to the front porch of our Drop-In Centre in the morning, they receive tea and bread for breakfast and also have a short devotion and prayer time. In Dar es Salaam we distributed mouth masks, sanitizers and the gospel of John which included safety information about Corona to many street boys. Some of the children decided to return to their families, which actually is a good side effect of Coronavirus. Children living with their own families are visited in their homes and are helped with food packages to keep them at home and away from begging in the streets… Please pray that our children and youth will not get tired of staying at home and that God would give energy and perseverance to everybody helping with Home Schooling.”

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