January 24, 2020

Kathleen Quellmalz

“The year of 2019 was not always easy for Safina and also for myself in the leadership of it. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work which needed to be done. At other times, we faced difficult situations and decisions. We witnessed how the enemy attacks God´s children. But we also witnessed God´s faithfulness. I am thankful that he provided more office space in the beginning of the year, which made working much easier for us with the additional space and air. I also thank God for how he provided in financial shortcomings… We thank God for our children, who did well in School and those who started to stand on their own feet. One of them celebrated his birthday with his former Safina foster family and invited all of his colleagues and even his boss. Instead of presents they donated food for our home. Things like this bring joy and encouragement. In 2020 I would like to concentrate training up young, potential future leaders and see how we can involve them more in leadership. I want to work on our Safina Handbook which needs to be updated and revised. I also want to research, investigate and pray that God would reveal to us, how Safina can become more self-supporting besides donations. And what stands on top is listening to God.” Please join with Kathleen for praising God and praying for all of these things.

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