November 23, 2018

Kathleen Quellmalz

Kathleen has just returned to Tanzania from Home Assignment in Germany. “I look gratefully back on the past three months, our Safina Tour through Germany, Home Assignment Conference and a 25th anniversary celebration at DMG and, as the grand finale, my father’s 90th birthday. Our life is moving. We are all on our life journey. This includes coming and going, hellos and goodbyes. Psalm 121 is a so-called travel psalm or pilgrim song… Even then, people were travelling and the trips were not safe. But the Psalm expresses great security. They know about their guardian, who keeps his eyes open, to whom they entrust themselves, from whom help comes and who brings them safely to the goal, not only in this time, but also into eternity. To this guardian I may entrust my family, which I leave behind, and with this guardian I go confidently back to Tanzania.” Please pray that Kathleen would know God’s protection and care for her in the next term of her ministry in Tanzania.

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