April 24, 2015

Kathleen Burns

Kathleen Burns is in the UK on extraordinary sick leave, and as she is getting better and is well enough to travel again, she will be visiting the islands on Lake Victoria where she was assigned: “I am so I am so excited and so very thankful that I am now well enough to do this. My Oncologist has given me the go ahead. The plan will be to go for three weeks and then God willing I will be ready to return to ministry at the end of September or beginning of October this year. My minister Gordy Mackay is going to come and visit me during my time in Uganda. I am really looking forward to showing him around and taking him out to the Islands. He will preach in one of the fishing camps on the Sunday. Please pray for good health for Gordy and myself during our stay in Uganda; for safety as we travel; and that we will be a blessing and encouragement to everyone we spend time with, especially as we travel to the islands.”

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