April 6, 2018

Kathleen Burns

“I can now tell you what my new assignment will be. There will be two parts to it………… Part one: I am now the Health Liaison person for Central Region (CR). This role will involve assisting with health care issues in and around CR. A large number of our missionaries live and work outside of Kampala/Uganda so when medical emergencies arise, I will be involved via phone or in person, helping to triage urgent medical situations and making sure that our members receive the best care possible. I will also be involved with some health education and updating our members on relevant health issues. Part two: I will now be involved in mobilising nationals to get involved with missions. There will be a direct tie in with linking nationals with CR members in outreach areas and exposing them to missions. This will also involve working through some type of mission exposure materials with them and discipling them before they go. Please pray as I continue to process my last 12 years on the islands and as I now begin my new assignment. I will be travelling on the roads a lot more so please pray for protection. Pray as I spend some time in and around Kampala looking at and researching the various hospitals and clinics and finding the best medical doctors/specialists that are available. Please pray as I get involved with mobilising that God would help me and others identify those who have a heart for mission.”

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