April 20, 2018

Karin Mende

“Often people ask me what ‘results’ we see from our seminars. It is my desire that the interest kindled through the seminars would continue to impact the day-to-day life and, slowly but surely, bring changes in the surroundings. N, a participant, was so excited about the topics, that she brought one of her daughters along. We dealt with God’s plan at creation, worldviews, human dignity, identifying and using one’s gifts and available resources and much more. This went on for 5 very interactive days of group work, sketches and many challenging questions. Afterwards I heard from the daughter, “Karin, we siblings had already given up hope that our mother would ever understand us. In only 5 short days God has completely changed her. We finally feel understood and valued. That is wonderful!” I hope that many lives of the Malagasy who have taken the training would reveal God’s power to change as well.”

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