September 1, 2017

Karin Mende

“I can hardly believe it, Hary’s wife and third child died in June in childbirth. He has been an evangelist among the Bara tribe for 8 years now, a servant of God who endured hardship, hostility and health problems, he who has also seen real transformation in cattle thieves, he is going through immense suffering right now; – many questions remain unanswered. His pain has become my pain as well. I feel utterly helpless. It is near impossible to find words of comfort. He was here again today to look for help from God’s word and asking for prayer. His own relatives and ‘friends’ only have empty words and criticism to pass on. Please pray for Hary and his two boys, especially for God’s consolation and guidance for the future. May God bring life out of his wife’s death.”

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