August 10, 2018

Karin Mende

Karin is coming to the end of her Home Assignment and will return to Madagascar at the end of the month: “Living in this fast developing digital world, I noticed, we have become more or less dependent on this system. I will not say much about this. But what I discovered for myself is I have certain insecurities or fears, because I do not understand or cannot follow some procedures any longer. Planning for the future, managing your day-to-day money, however, are important skills. In a relatively short time I have to learn a huge amount of new things. Often I have to ask for help which is not always easy. Wonderfully enough, God has promised help and wisdom where I don’t have enough. Thinking about my future I am convinced that my long years of experience in different cultures may come useful in our multi-cultural Germany. In this regard God will surely reveal His plans to me. I trust him that He wastes nothing…I am asking special wisdom for my probably last term on the big island. What are God’s priorities? To whom can I hand over my work? Please pray!”

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