January 31, 2020

Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

“…we wanted to write a post about all the delicious fruits we have here and eat every day. What a life! Fruit in abundance, sunshine and a veranda where, at sunset, you can sit down with a good glass of wine… Romantic? No, not really. Unless you’re going to sit under a mosquito net. We admit it, we like the heat (if it’s not too barren). We also enjoy the space on the veranda. It is a wonderful place for the children to play. But it gets more difficult when you have to take into account the scary creatures. During the day there are the tiger mosquitoes and at night the kind of mosquitoes that might transmit Malaria. Then there are the spiders… Another nasty creature is the sand flea. This creature crawls (unnoticed) under your skin and starts nesting there while feeding on your blood… Living here has its advantages when it comes to discovering new things. Whether you really want to discover those things is a completely different question.” Please pray for the Hofmanns in the practical challenges of living in Maroamboka, including learning to live alongside the local wildlife!

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