May 24, 2019

Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

“In August 2018 a young couple, Doris and Alphossin, started a church in Tanamboa. This is one of the villages where Jurgen started sharing the Bible stories a few months earlier. Jurgen goes to their meetings every week and gives lessons based on the Bible stories…. This is a positive development because the lessons teach, among other things, that we as Christians have to work together… The lessons also teach people that we are all responsible for spreading the gospel… The new believers are still a bit hesitant about evangelism. The traditional view in Madagascar is that this is the work or pastors, missionaries and evangelists. People who are specially trained for it. The Lord Jesus teaches us something else, that everyone has been given this task. It has been agreed that Jurgen and Doris will soon ask some young men to go on a trip with Doris. In this way they can observe the ‘profession’ and learn how to do it.” Please pray that God would use Jurgen’s lessons to help this church grow in discipleship, and that they will grow a heart for evangelism and sharing the gospel with others.

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