April 17, 2020

Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

The Hofmanns are currently on Home Assignment in the Netherlands. “We, as a missionary family, are not unknown to the lifestyle we have now. We are fairly isolated in Maroamboka and are therefore somewhat used to it… we follow the situation on Madagascar with sorrow and concern in our hearts… Most homes in large cities are not affordable, so the whole family lives in one room… Because of the (often) bad conditions in which people live, even young people are vulnerable… one-sided nutrition and unhygienic homes plagued by rats and parasites are a recipe for a weak immune system. In addition, many Malagasy are simply terrified and have a very fatalistic attitude… [We would love them to] realise that the Almighty is not far away but has come to the world to save it. Saving from Corona? Saving from the plague? Possibly, but I’m more thinking about the boldness that comes with the confidence that Jesus has saved you for eternity.”

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