February 28, 2020

Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

“Our village is a stronghold when it comes to witch doctors. We do have eight, two of them are very important. These two ‘ombiasy lehibe’ (‘great witch doctor’), are so well known for their ability that we have people from the capital (590 km away) coming down to our village to make use of their services. One of them has already heard one of the Bible stories when Jurgen told them in another village. He once asked Jurgen when he would tell them in Maroamboka. At that time he just had just a new house in the making in Maroamboka. It was agreed that Jurgen would come to the new house and tell the stories. The house is ready! Jurgen has started, and the witch doctor, together with his sister and wife, listen carefully. It is an interesting appointment that has not gone unnoticed in the village. Jurgen was asked whether he wasn’t afraid of the witch doctor or to tell the gospel in his house. Someone said aloud: “Tena evangeliste ianao!” (You are a real evangelist!).” Praise God for this opportunity to tell the gospel! Please pray that through hearing it this witch doctor, his family and many others in Maroamboka will come to saving faith in Jesus.

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