October 14, 2016

John & Alma Baker

John writes: “Alma, Anya and I are doing well at the moment. The last month has been busy but very successful in terms of getting set up [the Bakers have been working to sort out getting a house, car, and setting up electricity and water in their new home]. But we are also quite tired (not helped by Anya’s sleeping patterns!). We are also very aware of how hard it is going to be here to do Christian ministry and we are faced with many unknowns about what life and ministry here is going to look like. We need prayer and we need strength to pray. We simply won’t be able to do it in our own strength. We are going to need wisdom, love, patience, boldness, and regular refreshment – spiritual and physical.” Please pray for John, Alma and Anya as they continue to settle in to life and ministry on Mayotte.

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