November 3, 2017

Indian Ocean Islands

One of our Mission Partners wrote recently with news from the Indian Ocean Islands. “Yesterday the man who was like my father here died. He’d been sick for several months and no one seemed to know what was wrong with him. I ate at his house with his family nearly every day; I have shared in their joys and sorrows. Today (Monday) he was buried, with hundreds of men attending his funeral, something of a testimony to his far-reaching kindness. To add to this sadness, his mother died only last week. I’m feeling the loss acutely. I shall miss him. He was so kind to me and the way the whole family have welcomed me in has helped me settle here more easily…But my tears also come because I feel like I’ve failed this man. Did he know or understand the truth? My language is limited but did I make the most of the opportunities? I don’t know. But it’s teaching me a hard lesson: life is short and we don’t know when it will end, so we’ve got to make today count! Whilst I grieve, I know that God still has the power to bring something beautiful out of the pain. Please pray for the family in their grief that they will find Hope.”

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