February 9, 2018


“Stories are powerful. In the UK ‘Open the Book’ and other such initiatives have an eternal impact. Here (and in many other places) Bible Storying is a primary tool for reaching the unreached. My children beg for ‘just one more chapter’ when we are in the middle of a great story. And the story of Daniel is no exception. This is a story full of the riches of God’s grace, faithfulness, and power combined with character studies in trust and living faith. As my class follow along with Nebuchadnezzar’s progress and setbacks, they are willing Him to see the truth. This has given me a new resolve to pray for their hearts, that they will not lose their passion for the lost. In addition, my English Language Learners have been pronouncing the names of the kings like pros, and (far more importantly) have begun to express their responses God’s words in English. Talking about ‘heart matters’ in a second or third language is really hard, and we have been blessed by their determination to take part.”

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