May 26, 2017

Graeme and Eli Mallett

Graeme and Eli Mallett (Joe, Jessica, Naomi & Ester) have just returned to the UK following the end of their assignment in Mahajanga, Madagascar. They write: “The ministry to ‘M’ people by the Ekipa Jirany saw at least 3 make a profession of faith and begin some discipleship before we left. We also helped share the vision to other Christians in the city and saw a number of new people join the team….It would be good to pray for the team leaders, their families, the team, the new believers and the ministry. Later this year, ‘J’ and his family will leave Madagascar to be tent-making missionaries in an ‘other-faith majority’ country close by. Keep them in your prayers”. Praise God for the Mallett family and their years of ministry in Madagascar. Pray for a good readjustment to life in the UK for all family members. Pray for Eli as she starts teaching at a Christian school and Graeme in his applications to start a Post Graduate Certificate of Education course in September, to become a Secondary school Physics teacher.

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