July 1, 2016

Graeme & Eli Mallett

 “A couple of Saturdays ago we had a half-day of training in evangelising Muslims, which I did in partnership with Rollan [a Malagasy missionary]. It went well, with 21 people attending. The evangelism method we taught them used some Training For Trainers principles for starting a church planting movement. Rollan first of all spoke very inspiringly, giving vision for doing evangelism at all. We went over and then practiced in pairs how somebody could begin a conversation, talk about the problem of sin, tell a gospel story and then either leave or make an appointment to tell another gospel story or explain how to make Jesus your Lord, go through the great commission and baptise the new believer. We plan a follow-up event in July.” Please pray that what people learned in the training will equip them to tell the gospel boldly, and that the churches in Mahajanga will see many people turn to Christ.

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