September 22, 2017

Gilles & Myriam Bonvallat

Gilles & Myriam are AIM mobilisers for French speaking Europe. They recently visited a TIMO team in Niger, where one of our members, Angèle is serving. They write “Last May a TIMO team began work among the Fulani people of Niger – a partnership between SIM and AIM. It is a very international team: Australian, American, French and Kenyan members have immersed themselves in the Fulani culture and have built deep and significant relationships with many families in their village. Daily life is very challenging; the Fulani culture includes many complex rituals and the spiritual warfare is intense as many Fulani people are showing a real interest in the Gospel. 6 of the new teams’ friends have accepted Jesus as their saviour and were recently baptised. The team, being obedient to persevere, to love and to bless their neighbour, is just watching God revealing Himself to these people enslaved by fears, and a dark worldview. Please pray for whole families to come to Jesus, and for unity and perseverance for the team.”

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