June 27, 2015


“Since I last wrote, things have felt a little busier for me. Ltodoka, a school boy aged about 12 or 13 came to us, without any encouragement, saying, ‘I want to study God’s Word.’ For a time I didn’t start any study with him and yet he persisted, ‘When? When are we going to read the Bible together?’ Eventually I got my act together and so began a challenging journey. Every Monday, Ltodoka and I meet to read a passage from Matthew’s Gospel in Samburu. Usually this involved reading it through several times, then I ask him questions to try to help him understand. We might memorise a verse or I give him homework to go and tell three others the story we’ve read. It is a real privilege to see someone so eager to hear from God, and it’s exciting to see how he’s growing in his understanding of who Jesus is. More recently he brought a friend, Kulala. Pray for us as we continue to meet each week.”

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