August 25, 2017


“It’s been a busy season for me. As our team of teachers has shrunk (and will continue to shrink), I’ve found that I’ve been teaching a few more classes. On the one hand I’ve really enjoyed getting my teeth into something I love and to have a role here, when often I feel like I’m floundering in matters of culture and language. On the other hand, it has meant that I haven’t been at home much and many of my relationships with my neighbours have suffered as a result. As I reflect on this season, I’m learning that Busy isn’t always Better. I think I can put more of my identity in my professional skills than in anything else. It’s more comfortable for me to be in front of a class of students than to be sitting with a group of people who laugh at me because I don’t understand what they’re saying. But there may be value in just sitting with those people. And my identity is more than my professional skills, as useful as they are here. I am a child of God.”

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