January 26, 2018

Emily Bushell

Emily Bushell is a short term member serving alongside a team amongst the Digo in Kenya. She writes “Mama H and Mama S work next door to me. They and their children are constantly in and out of my house. I long for their families to know Jesus. The barriers for them are their hearts and wider family. Constantly they have had Christians in their lives but something isn’t shifting. They point out the difference Jesus makes. The other day I had opportunity when asking Mama S some questions to explicitly share that we can never pay off the debt our sin racks up by good works – we need someone with spiritual riches and a blank slate to do it for us. That is Jesus. The next day when I asked her to practice reading a Bible verse in Swahili with me she expressed that she would never be a Christian. I left it, instead of probing why. Pray that this naturally comes up though. Pray that the Lord would soften her heart and that she wouldn’t clam up over the subject of Yesu. Mama H is more receptive but there is still something in her heart holding her back. Pray for transformation. She sits with us and tells her story, how she ended up where she is now. She has recently started her own business but it is struggling. We help her a little but the greatest help for anyone is not business advice or financial assistance but the saving grace of Yesu. Pray that this grace would slice through their beliefs.”

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