September 18, 2015

Elaine Hutchison

Elaine shares some encouraging news from Merril Short, another AIM mission partner: “When I got back to Manamaneng last month, I began to put into practice some of the things I had learnt at the Church Planting workshop. I was not prepared for what followed. First, a married couple said they wanted to follow Jesus, then three shepherds, then another shepherd, then the old chief, then my late granny’s great-grand-daughter, then her friend, then another lady, then the other chief, then another man! Seven of those (the younger ones) braved the frigid water of the river to be baptised. The older folk asked to wait until summer. Khothalo and Sefiri (along with his wife) came up to be part of the occasion. While Khothalo was there, he led four more shepherds to the Lord and baptised them. He also led the Zionist priest and his family to the Lord. The harvest is ready and I almost didn’t know it.” 

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