September 8, 2017

Eastern Region Office

Eastern Region Office have been praying for a hold up in issuing work permits in Tanzania which has been having an effect on our members and their ministries. “We received confirmation from Unit Leader Steve Lancaster today that we have just received 13 work permits for Tanzania. Here in Eastern Region office the document we placed before the Lord to beg for these permits was asking Him to move on our behalf by September. Steve was in the Dar es Salaam office on 31st August when he received this answer to our prayers. There are still a number of new permits that we are waiting for, and it is important to remember that with the work permits in hand we now still need to receive residency permits. But this is a huge answer to prayer for all of Eastern Region.” 2 of the outstanding permits are for Matt & Amy Dixon, who need them before they can return to ministry in Tanzania following home assignment in a few weeks. Please pray that they would be issued quickly so that the Dixons and others may continue to serve in Tanzania.

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