August 12, 2016

Donna Morrison

I am now getting settled into my new routine which looks a little different from last term. I am still in the same role at Dwelling Places, but my hours have been reduced from five to three days a week. This is a practical move towards deliberate delegation and capacity building… one [of the remaining two days] is to be spent in the AIM Central Region office… My task initially is to get a feel for what the office does in supporting the work of the Mission in the whole of the Central Region. I hope to document the processes and systems, form an opinion on how effective they are and make suggestions on areas to improve. I will also be covering some of the specific finance-related tasks as the Finance Manager goes on Home Assignment for a couple of months from the end of September… That leaves my Fridays, which I plan to use to get back into language learning and more intentional discipleship.” Please pray for Donna as she gets used to a new pattern of working. Pray for wisdom as she leads and trains up the Finance team at Dwelling Places, and helps in the Central Region office; and please pray that God would grow Donna’s language and discipleship skills as she seeks to use them.

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