January 10, 2020

Claudia Middendorf

Claudia has been involved in the relief efforts after Cyclone Idai landed in Mozambique early last year: “I talked with Pastor Marcos about our desire to help individual families in need of a new roof… Within a short time he identified four single women in his community who needed help and four families outside the community. We agreed that I would come to his church on the Sunday… At this service two guests of the district leadership of the congregation were also present…. one of the guests was asked to preach… He spoke [from 1 Corinthians 12 and 13] about the fact that we are one body and should care for each other accordingly in love… Then Pastor Marcos stood up and told the congregation what I had asked him to do, namely to help those people who were too poor to get back on their feet alone after Idai. After careful consideration he came up with four families whom he now wanted to introduce. He called the women individually and asked the congregation if they knew the woman. Yes! Was she a member of the congregation? Was she a parishioner? Is she poor or rich? Poor! Is it right that she should be helped? Is it right that she should receive help? Together, to the cheers of the congregation, Pastor Marcos and I gave the women their money… Through this church we have been able to help 29 families so far.” Praise God for how he is providing for those affected by Idai through this church, and please keep praying for relief for those who have lost so much.

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