February 26, 2016

Chris Klompas

I was really encouraged one evening when Mahlanya (one of the shepherds currently staying at Fanana cattle post) started reciting the Bible stories he’d been listening to via the audio bibles, in Sesotho, from memory! He’s done this a couple of evenings around the fire and we’ve also found a couple of other shepherds listening to the stories on their own in their own time, without any prompting from us! Our language as a team has come on in leaps and bounds and we’re all looking forward to the next few months as we start to seek opportunities to intentionally initiate gospel-orientated conversations with the shepherds at our cattle post and the surrounding cattle posts.” Please pray for Chris and the rest of the team as they seek opportunities to explain the Bible stories the shepherds are listening to and memorising and as they seek to share the gospel with them.

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