October 13, 2017

Caroline Bell

“Recently, several women in the prison decided to follow Jesus. One team member writes “[they]… are the most joy-filled and glowing Karimojong that I have met in Moroto!” Many of the Christian prisoners have been sharing dreams which have had clear roots in Scripture. After hearing a dream, the team are able to go to the relevant passage of Scripture and explain it in greater depth. For example one woman, described how she dreamt of a crown made from thorns from which she asked for forgiveness. This was an opportunity to explain about Jesus suffering and bearing our sin so we can be forgiven…Praise God with me! I have 75% of the financial support needed. Providing I am 100% supported by the 31st October, flights can be booked etc. for me to leave at the beginning of January, first for orientation in Nairobi before travelling to Karamoja at the end of January. [Please pray for] the further financial support required.”

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