October 25, 2019

Caroline Bell

“Our team is entering a period of transition. Last month we heard that our team leaders Lyle and Ingrid (who are currently on home assignment) will not be returning after home assignment (except to say goodbyes and pack up their house). Nita will be an interim team leader for the next year before she goes on home assignment. We have had two visits from our Central Region leadership to help us navigate this transition, both personally as a team, but also in considering the direction of the team going forward. We have talked about church planting strategies, the possibility of living in different places, staying in a manyatta for a short period(s) of time (to learn language, culture and build relationships), how to be more intentional in language learning, how to encourage our Karimojong brothers and sisters in reaching out to their people and communities with the gospel. This has left us with lots of questions and ideas! It is exciting to explore how God is leading us and to anticipate the things he will do here, but I am also grieving for the changes, especially Lyle and Ingrid leaving. Please be praying for our team at this time, that we will learn to grow together as a team, loving each other and being united in heart, mind and purpose.”

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