July 5, 2019

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell shares; “4 weeks ago a team came to do some training on the SEAN bible study material which we hope to use in home cells at church. They led 2 training sessions at church, and as they did, we realised that it would be best if the home cell leaders went through the studies as participants first, before trying to lead them. These leaders are now meeting for this on a Monday evening. So far people have come each week (despite rain) and we have had some wonderful times of wrestling with God’s Word and what it means for our lives. One challenge is consistency – as often different people come each week, and another is when people come without having done the home study beforehand. Please pray for wisdom to know how to go forward (inconsistency in attendance and preparation) and for each to be deeply impacted by what we learn, as well as equipped to lead the studies in the future.”

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