January 13, 2017

Bridget Howard

Writing on Tuesday, at the beginning of the academic year at the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda (CLIR), Bridget said: “It’s my responsibility to offer learning support if a student is struggling in a particular area and [a student called David has come] often asking for help in how to write a resume of a text or how to understand the assignment requirements. This afternoon, he came to greet me before the beginning of class, excited to be starting back but also excited to report on how he had put some of my advice into practice. We had discussed how to prepare a talk or presentation… He had applied that knowledge as he prepared his talk in Kinyarwanda and then had taken the microphone to address a group of 200 on living the Christian life. ‘I’ve done a lot of thinking during the holiday. I don’t want to have lots of knowledge in my head; it must make a difference in my life, too!’ That’s the purpose of CLIR, which Tim emphasised as he welcomed the student body, urging them to emulate Paul’s charge to be a catalyst among others to present them mature and complete in Christ. So it’s going to be an exciting year as we follow these 40 students in their journey to discover the contents of the Bible, joys and sorrows of Church history, a Christian approach to science and – of course – how to write brilliant academic essays!” Please pray for the new academic year at CLIR, that the students will learn well and that God would use their studies to grow them to be more like Jesus and become men and women who will build up the Church in Rwanda.

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