September 23, 2016

Bridget Howard

It was great to be back in England during August… and to be able to meet up with so many friends and church people… I arrived back in Kigali only to repack a suitcase to go to Uganda for a three-day leadership meeting for the AIM Central Region leaders. I returned home to prepare schedules for the next course of English classes before leaving for a weekend NCM retreat at Lake Muhazi, a good hour’s drive east of Kigali… The NCM retreat revisited the core purpose of NCM to ensure that we intentionally implement all that promotes that focus and that we are willing to excise activities that detract from accomplishing that purpose… Then it was time to put away the suitcase and return to regular life and responsibilities. This last week has been back in the classroom teaching the Third Year class of pastors here for their study block, and dealing with enquiries and enrolment related to the new English courses which begin this coming week.” Praise God for the time that Bridget enjoyed in the UK over the summer, and please pray for refreshment after her travels. Pray for the outcome of the Central Region and NCM meetings, that God would be glorified and wise plans will be implemented well.

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