August 10, 2018

Bridget Howard

“The news of the moment is that I have decided on my return date to the UK. With the changes of personnel at New Creation Ministries and the re-evaluation of some of the courses, it has been decided to offer the Academic Writing and Research module as the first module for the new 2019 intake and I was asked to teach that course. After talking with various trusted advisors, I have agreed to do so since I seem well-placed to use my experience and knowledge of the student’s needs and problems. It will be an 8-week module from January to early March. So it looks as if I’ll be back in the UK while we are still in Europe before we Brexit! Please pray for me as I complete preparation and teaching of that course and for the three remaining PTS study blocks. I’m still undecided as to how to use my time and if it will be possible to offer adult English courses during the remaining months. Please pray also that we will be able to find a replacement teacher of English.”

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